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Uncharted 3: La traición de Drake

Juego para: PlayStation 3

Trucos de 'Uncharted 3: La traición de Drake' (PS3)

Lista completa de Trofeos - Plataforma: PS3

Lista completa de trofeos

First Treasure (Bronze) – Find one treasure

Apprentice Fortune Hunter – Find 10 treasures

Skilled Fortune Hunter (Bronze) – Find 40 treasures

Adept Fortune Hunter (Bronze) – Find 60 treasures

Expert Fortune Hunter (Bronze) – Find 80 treasures

Headshot Expert (Bronze) – Defeat 5 enemies in a row with headshots

Side Arm Master (Bronze) – Defeat 30 enemies in a row with your side arm

Relic Finder (Bronze) – Find the Strange Relic

20 Headshots (Bronze) – Defeat 20 enemies with headshots

Blindfire Marksman (Bronze) – Defeat 20 enemies by blind-firing while in cover (without aiming with L1)

Run-and-Gunner (Bronze) – Defeat 20 enemies by shooting from the hip (without aiming with L1)

Hangman (Bronze) – Defeat 20 enemies with gunfire by aiming while hanging

Land Shark (Bronze) – Defeat 20 enemies while swimming

30 Kills: Mag 5 (Bronze) – Defeat 30 enemies with the Mag 5

30 Kills: Arm Micro (Bronze) - Defeat 30 enemies with the Arm Micro

30 Kills: TAU Sniper (Bronze) - Defeat 30 enemies with the Tau Sniper

30 Kills: KAL 7 (Bronze) - Defeat 30 enemies with the KAL 7

30 Kills: M9 (Bronze) - Defeat 30 enemies with the M9

30 Kills: G-MAL (Bronze) - Defeat 30 enemies with the G-MAL

30 Kills: SAS-12 (Bronze) - Defeat 30 enemies with the SAS-12

30 Kills: Dragon Sniper (Bronze) - Defeat 30 enemies with the Dragon Sniper

30 Kills: T-Bolt Sniper (Bronze) - Defeat 30 enemies with the T-Bolt Sniper

30 Kills: RPG7 (Bronze) - Defeat 30 enemies with the RPG-7

30 Kills: PAK-80 (Bronze) - Defeat 30 enemies with the PAK-80

30 Kills: Mk-NDI (Bronze) - Defeat 30 enemies with the Mk-NDI

Pro-Pain (Bronze) – Defeat 10 enemies with propane of acetylene tank explosion

Riot Rocker (Bronze) – Defeat 5 Riot Shield enemies by running over their shield

Brute Beater (Bronze) – Successfully counter all of a Brute's damage-giving attacks

Quick Study (Bronze) – Inspect every display case in the Cartagena Museum

Ride the Crocodile (Bronze) – Stand on the crocodile in the Secret Library

He's Gonna Need a Sturgeon (Bronze) – Hit three enemies with fish in the market

Marco Solo (Bronze) – Play in the swimming pool on the Cruise Ship

Truck Brawler (Bronze) – Defeat 10 enemies using hand-to-hand combat on the back of the convoy trucks

Charted! – Easy (Bronze) – Finish the game in Easy Mode

Grenade Hangman (Bronze) – Defeat 10 enemies with grenades while hanging

Drop the Bomb Headshot (Bronze) – Make 5 enemies drop their grenades by shooting them

Throwback (Bronze) -Kill 10 enemies with thrown-back grenades

Throwback Master (Bronze) – Throw back a grenade and defeat two enemies at once

Bare-knuckle Brawler (Bronze) – Defeat 20 enemies with hand-to-hand combat

Bare-knuckle Slugger (Bronze) – Defeat 50 enemies with hand to hand combat

Master Ninja (Bronze) – Defeat 50 enemies with stealth attacks

Thrillseeker (Bronze) – Complete one Competitive Multiplayer game

Buddy System (Bronze) – Complete one Cooperative Multiplayer game

Charted! – Normal (Silver) – Finish the game in Normal Mode

Master Fortune Hunter (Silver) – Find 100 treasures

Survivor (Silver) – Defeat 75 enemies in a row without dying

100 Headshots (Silver) – Defeat 100 enemies with headshots

Reload Master (Silver) – Defeat 50 enemies in a row without auto-reloading

Rolling Ammo Master (Silver) – 20 times in a row, pick up ammo while rolling

Combat Leapfrog (Silver) – Defeat 10 enemies in a row, alternating hand-to-hand combat and gunplay

Dyno-Might Master (Silver) – Defeat 5 enemies with one explosion

Expert Ninja (Silver) – Defeat 5 enemies in a row using stealth attacks

Charted! – Hard (Silver) – Finish the game in Hard Mode

Charted! – Crushing (Gold) – Finish the game in Crushing Mode

Platinum (Platinum) - ??? (Assume gain all trophies)